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Sometimes it happens: "I don't want to wear too much makeup today" or "the alarm did not ring and no more time to do anything" but no question either to leave the house bad looking! 😜 I propose to people who wish to receive a BREATHTAKING or "how to have a luminous appearance in less than 15 min! "
The service is COMPLETELY FREE and without obligation of purchase but to receive it you must reserve your place. It is also an opportunity to make the situation on your face: dilated pores, acne, deep wrinkles, fine lines, sagging jowls ... well ... all those things that are not necessarily fun but part of life.
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I am friendly, smiling, funny. I speak willingly with everyone. I avoid lies because my mother always told me that lies were short-legged and would not run fast. I speak loudly. I'm laughing handsomely. I would like to have a bourgeois style but as soon as I take a nap I snore loudly and I drool ... it breaks the myth ... live! Like many of us, I have had wonderful times and tragedies. This is not the point. But what is surprising is to realize that many women take on the happiness of those they often love at the expense of their own happiness. One day, in my turn, I made choices. One of them is to think of me and to please me. To decide on my professional career. And to assume it even if it does not fall into the norms imposed by society. It means it's not always easy but whatever happens, I'm always ok with me. It's been since 2000 that the direction of my professional life is not as clear as it was in the last century. But it's been since the 6 month trip I made with my teenage son in 2017-2018 that I know I'm on the right voice:
  • doing good around me
  • smile from deep inside me
  • and communicate lightly with all those who wish
It's my job. It does not seem very clear to you? I understand. But if you want to know more I am at your disposal here. what is your job ?